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I believe that Apocylamon first appeared before Tai and friends came to the digiworld. In the tv show-first season, gennai said something about a dark digimon who came out from the wall of fire a long time ago and disrupted th digiworld, and a group of digidestined that stopped him. I think this digimon might have been apocylamon, or a different evolutionary stage of him. I think that this happened at the time of the greymon and parrotmon fight at highton veiw terrace. Think about it. When black wargreymon was destroying destiny stones and making the digiworld un stable, he opened a gateway to the realworld and went there with a whole bunch of other digimon, like apemon and musyamon. if apocylymon showed up and made the digiworld un stabl, it would explain the reason that a gateway opened and a couple digi eggs went through to Tai's world. Not only that, but i bet that the gateway was also the same one that some other humans went through to the digiworld. those humans stopped apoclymon(it might not have been apocylymon, its just an idea). And maybe, just maybe, they used digieggs or golden digieggs to digivolve to beat him. Azulongmon said that armor digivolution was an ancient way of digivolving, and time in the digiworld was still faster than time in the digiworldat that time. So the four years between the fight at highton view terrace and when Tai and friends first went to the digiworld could be millions and millions of years in the digiworld, making the technique of armor evolution ancient by the time of the digimon emporerer.
We know that the dark masters were made before Tai and friends showed up because on the tv show they showed piedmon attacking gennai, and gennai running off to file island with the digiegg's and digivices. I think that the darkmasters didn't just have a battle with the digi gods, i think that they had a war. Apocylamon wasn't destroyed in that first battle, just really weakened so he made the darkmasters before he left the digiworld. The other group of digi destined knew that they did'nt have the power to defeat them, so they chose some digieggs to partner up with Tai and the other children at highton view terrace. The four guardians would make crests for the children and would hold off the dark masters until the children were old enough to fight. Then one day,after many fights, the darkmasters sealed away the guardins, making the digiworld unstable, causing the weird weather in tais world. Do you remember the transparent digmon when tai followed etemon through the warp? That was probably the same thing that happened to kari, ken and yolie when they were looking for gatomons tail ring, only instead of going between Tai's world and the digiworld, they went inbetween the digiworld and the dark ocean. Now, if the darkmasters were still alive when Tai's group came to the digiworld then where would the darkmasters be? Well, the four guardians are strong digimon! the dark masters probably used up all their power to seal away the gaurdians, and were so weak they were scared to face the digidestined when they showed up. they probably sent some flunky's to fight them(devimon? etemon? Myotismon?)and when the digidestined left the digiworld to find the eighth digidestined, the darkmasters took over the world and made spiral mountian. These theory's are kind of far fetched, but i thought i'd share them.

Theory on the Four Guardians and Daemon

i belive whene that one digigod created the digital world after he finished he slit into the four gardians north south east and west but as they said in the first series there must be a balance of good and evil so he also split into sum sort of evil god "devil"(apokylamon/ dameon) who whould be the gardian of the center "file island". i think this devil created the dark masters who created devimon etamon myotise mon ect.... ipersonaly think this was dameon because apokylamon said he was created out of dead digimon who could not digivolve. dameon to had digicorps and gave them to the dark masters so they could defeat the gaurdians. but before the gaurdians where sealed they created the destiny stones to seal dameon. so that's why we only saw him after the stones where destroyed. the destny stones are opposite of the controle spieres the destiny stones are made with seeds of light and the spires where made with the help of the dark spores. and the spires sealed good digimon and the stones sealed the evil ones, the spires weakend the bariers of the digiworld the stones strenthened them. dameon needed the dark flower so he could regain his full power he was the one who ordered the seed to be inplanted in ken in the first plase but his plan bakefiered. the dark forceses of the digiworld had one intencian from the very beginig every enemy the digidestined faste wanted the real world the digi world and the darkworld(dark ocean) to be one, one world of total darknase p.s.the dark undersea master from the beginning of 02 was a weaker version of damamon.

If you would like to respond to this explanation, please feel free to email us through the email us section in the menu column.

Digimon Tamers Theory

The digidestined of season three got there blue cards that made them digidestined from the same place the kids in 02 and 01 got the digivises, from the digital world,The reason the three kids in 03 got the digivises was because the real world was in danger, not the digital world. The way the real world was in trouble was because of the bio-emergance of digimon that were uncontrolable, like Impmon and the Devas, also the hypnos might have destroyed the digital world so Rika, Henry, and Takoto, and possibly Kazu, Kenta, and Lee might have to stop HYPNOS and save the digi-world.

If you would like to respond to this explanation, please feel free to email us through the email us section in the menu column.

Calumon Theory

Im assuming that Calumon helps the Tamers to digivolve because every time they digivolve to a new form for the first time Calumon's forehead lights up. I think that calumon is the evolved form of datirimon, Oikawa's digimon. Now before Oikawa died (I'm assuming he died) in the last episode of season 2, he got a digimon,( I thinked it was named Datirimon, or something similar). When Oikawa died he was in that weird world he went to when he tried to go to the digital world. And In that weird world Davis and the other digidestined's digimon got enough power to digivolve into all their different forms at once. Because Oikawa died their, maybe this power to digivolve from the weird world rubbed off on Calumon(Datirimon), giving him the power to help others digivolve. (The weird world might be called "matrix" something, Because of "matrix digivolving". ????????????)
submitted by Charles Goddard
although i like this idea, it is impossible. season 2 and tamers are not linked in any way. in season 3 digimon is a TV show that they watch. although characters are sometimes reused (spoiler alert!) like one of the new digidestined is the same guy who traveled w/ ken before season 2, they arent linked :( .

I seriously doubt it. As you know, season 2 brought that saga to a close, albeit with a ton of loose ends. Everyone lived happily ever after, at least until Armagemon appears in the Real World. Season 3 is an entirely separate storyline from the first 2, even though it alludes to the fact that seasons 1 and 2 are seen on TV. Therefore the characters from the first 2 seasons have nothing to do with the characters in season 3, no matter how many of the same voice actors they use. I looked at Calumon's card and all 3 of his attacks are Protect. His purpose isn't to fight but to increase the potential of friendly digimon, which is exactly what he does.

If you would like to respond to this explanation, please feel free to email us through the email us section in the menu column.
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