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Attributes-the unique attacks a Digimon has.

Black Gear-instrument used by Devimon to turn good Digimon bad. (See Digimon Devices section for more details.)

Champion-the level in a Digimon's evolution after the Rookie level.

Control Spier-also called Dark Towers, these tall structures came from the Dark Ocean. They were used by the Digimon Emperor to prevent digimon from Digivolving. They also gave his dark rings their power. The Control Spier's real purpose was to offset the balance of the digital world and seal Azulongmon's power.

Crest-instrument that works with the tags to allow
the digidestined's Digimon to digivolve to the Ultimate and Mega levels. (See Digimon Devices section.)

Dark Ring-instrument used by the Digimon Emperor to turn Champion and Rookie digimon into slaves that serve him. (See Digimon Devices section.)

Dark Spiral-tool used by the Digimon Emperor to control Ultimate digimon.

Dark Spore-a seed planted in children by MaloMyotismon so he could gain the power of the dark flower that bloomed from it.

Data-one of the three Types of digimon. These are usually good digimon.

Digidestined-children chosen by the Digital World to help it in times of crisis.

Digimon-Digital Monsters that inhabit the Digital World.

Digital World-the dimension where Digimon live.

Digital Barrier-program given to Izzy by Gennai to camoflauge him from Myotismon's henchman.

Digivice-device that allows the digidestined to make their digimon digivolve. It also works on other digimon. (i.e. Leomon)

Digivolution-when two or more digimon digivolve.

Digivolve-process of a digimon advancing to the next level.

D-3-model of Digivice used by the new digidestined. This model allows their digimon to armor digivolve. It also allows them to open the gate to the digital world at any time.

D-Arc-model of Digivice used in Digimon season 3.

Kind-digimon classification rung below Type. (i.e. Reptile Digimon, Bird Digimon)

Level-the highest rung in digimon classification. (i.e. Rookie, Champion, Ultimate)

Mega-the final and most powerful level a digimon can attain.

Type-digimon classification run below Level. (i.e. Data, Virus, Vaccine)

Vaccine-one of the three Types of digimon, usually good digimon.

Virus-one of the three Types of digimon, usually evil digimon.
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