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The digital world was believed to have been created from data flowing over the internet in our world. That means the digiworld was created sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. For most of the digital world's history time traveled differently than time in our world. One second in our world equaled one day in the digital world. So the digital world has existed for thousands or perhaps even millions of years in its time. Creatures called Digimon inhabit the digital world. Digimon have the ability to evolve into stronger creatures. This ability is called digivolving. Digimon have been digivolving since the beginning. No one knew that digivolving had a serious negative impact on the future. Every time a Digimon digivolved pieces of data were left over. Some Digimon failed to digivolve at all. This left over data and Digimon came together and formed a dark Digimon called Apocalymon. His very existence warped the digital world and created other evil Digimon. Apocalymon's existence is what started the Digimon adventure.

Digital World
Real World

Apocalymon's evil creates the Dark Masters. Meanwhile, the forces that portect the digital world create digivices, tags, and crests for the digidestined.
Greymon and Parrotmon appear in the real world. The original eight digidestined witness this event. This is how they were chosen to become the digidestined.

Piedmon infiltrates the forces that protects the digital world and attempts to destroy the tags, crests, and digivices. Gennai escapes with them, but drops one set, this digivice will eventually belong to Kari.
Due to the unbalance of evil in the digital world, the real world is also thrown out of wack. The climate is acting very stange. The original seven digidestined receive their digivices and are transported to the digital world. Kari doesn't make it because she missed camp. She was sick.

The seven digidestined enter the digital world. They fight battles against evil digimon controlled by the black gears. They eventually beat Devimon, and Etemon. They learn the legend of the digidestined.
After beating Etemon, Tai and Agumon return to the real world for a short time. Other evil digimon appear in the real world with them. Tai and Agumon return to the digital world to finish their job.

The digidestined encounter another evil digimon called Myotismon. The kids also discover that their is an eighth digidestined. Myotismon also knows this, and sets off into the real world to find this child.
Myotismon enters the real world to find the eighth digidestined. The seven kids follow him their. They eventually discover that Kari is the eighth child, and that Gatomon, one of Myotismon's henchman, is her digimon. They defeat Myotismon.

The dark masters take complete control over the digital world. The reconfigure it into Spiral Mountain.
After beating Myotismon, the digital world appears in the sky. Knowing that the situation in the digital world must be bad, the eight digidestined return to the digiworld to set things right.

The kids battle the dark masters for the first time. They are beaten badly.
Myotismon's data bonds with a human named Oikawa. He becomes evil and plans to enter the digital world.

The kids eventually defeat the dark masters. They face off with Apocalymon, the moster that started all of these adventures. They beat him as well.
Oikawa creates to digimon from his own DNA. They are Arukenimon and Mummimon. He sends them to the digital world to do his bidding.

Arukenimon and Mummimon fail to weaken the powers that protect the digital world so Oikawa can enter it.
Diaboromon is created on the internet. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon DNA digivolve into Omnimon and defeat him. This is the first DNA digivolution. Three years later Oikawa plants the dark spore inside of Ken Ichijouji. He becomes the digimon emperor.

The digimon emperor builds the control spiers across the digital world. This weakens the forces that protect the digital world. A new team of digidestined are recruited. The use an ancient form of digivolving called armor digivolving to bypass the dark effects of the control spiers.
The new digidestined are able to travel between the two worlds using the D 3's, which are the new style of digivices. They discover Ken is the digimon emperor.

The digidestined are able to defeat the Digimon Emperor. Oikawa uses Arukenimon and Mummimon now. They use the control spiers to create evil digimon. BlackWargremon is created from 100 control spiers.
The balance between the two worlds is off kilter again. Some digimon appear in the city of Kyoto.

BlackWargreymon destroys all but one of the holy stones. Before he destroys the last one, Azulongmon appears. He is one of the four mega digimon that guard the digital world. The dark masters sealed them away. The control spiers also sealed them away.
Arukenimon and Mummimon bring digimon into the real world. The digimon appear all over the world. The digidestined go all over the world to send them back. Meanwhile, Arukenimon and Mummimon gather children to use to grow the dark spores.

Azulongmon gives Gennai a digi core to give to the digidestined. This will allow their digimon to reach the ultimate and mega levels again.
Arukenimon and Oikawa transplant the dark spores from Ken to the kidnapped children. Meanwhile, Daemon appears from the Digital World.

Daemon is able to open the gate to the digital world at will. So the kids cannot send him back there.
Ken opens the gate to the dark ocean and Imperialdramon forces Daemon through it.

BlackWarGreymon goes on a rampage now that there is no one to challenge him in the Digital World.
The dark spores begin to sprout. Oikawa harvests the power from one of them. BlackWarGreymon shows up in the real world. When Oikawa fires a blast at Cody's grandfather, BlackWarGreymon blocks it. Before he dies he seals the gate to the digital world.

The gate between the digital world and the real world has supposedly been closed by BlackWarGreymon.
Oikawa harvests the power from the dark spores. He then opens the gate to the digital world and goes through it with the kidnapped children. They actually travel to a world where dreams can come true. Oikawa then releases something from inside of him, MaloMyotismon!

During the battle between the digidestined and MaloMyotismon, the evil tyrant is sent flying into the digital world. This is where he is at his strongest. He absorbs the dark power from the digital world and attempts to cover both worlds in darkness.
The digidestined from all over the world come together and with the help of the light of their digivices and their dreams are able to overcome MaloMyotismon. After the battle everyone on Earth knew about the digital world. Now everyone has their own digimon partner and they all lived happily ever after.

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