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Hint: Easy HP Fever:
At the start, pick Armadillomon as a companion. When you get the Digi-Egg of Knowledge and have the HP Boost+100 Digi-Part, heal Digmon for 200 HP. You will then get HP Fever (1110).

Digivolve to a Vegiemon and use a Small Recovery Floppy Card. Your HP will then go to 1110.

Hint: Easy experience:
Fight with Betamon in the first city when he uses the pick up deck. If you win, you will earn more than 30 points.

Hint: Easy super bonus:
This trick only works when you fight with Betamon, and he uses the pick up deck. First, obtain a partner card in your first hand. Use your partner, but do not Armor Digivolve. Never discard a card -- you have to use them all as support or DP (this is important, never lose your partner card, you need obtain a no loss win). Kill two of your enemies by only using the same attack (only Circle, Triangle or X as you prefer). When you fight with the last opponent, keep using the same attack, but when you are sure of your victory in that turn, use a gamble or nothing card. If you followed those steps, you can easily obtain: 30 points of your enemies, No Digivolve Win, No Loss Win, Last Gamble Win, Ultimate Level Win (because Betamon only use level U cards, he does not have R or C cards, so he is easy), No Discard, Partner Win, all ? Attack win, and your super bonus of 10 points. This is more than 50 points.
Hint: Better cards:
Win a certain arena repeatedly to get better cards each time.

Hint: Double your cards:
This trick requires two memory cards. Copy your game to the second memory card, then give all of your cards from the copied file to the original file. Note: This does not work with the 7's cards, Download Digivolve, and Rosemon's Lure.

Hint: Easy Ultimates:
Get to Dark City and defeat all four stages of Wormon. You will get a pack and an Ultimate.
Hint: AreoVeedromon:
Fuse Phoenixmon and Veedmon.

Hint: Diaboromon:
fuse a Digitamamamon with Infermon.

Hint: ImperialDramon:
Get to the last city, Wiseman Tower. Go to the Fusion shop, where you can Fuse anything. To get ImperialDramon, you must fuse Paildramon and Omnimon II.
Hint: Paildramon:
Fuse ExVeemon and Stingmon or Shakkoumon and WaruMonzaemon.
Hint: Piedmon:
Fuse Andromon with Etemon to get Metal Etemon. Then, fuse Metal Etemon with Angewomen to get Piedmon.
Hint: Rosemon:
Fuse Myotismon with Lillymon.

Hint: Seraphimon:
Only fuse a MagnaAngemon with Jijimon.

Hint: Valkyrimon:
Fuse Silpymon with Garudamon.

Hint: Veemon:
Select Veemon as a partner if you are a beginner. He has three Digi-Eggs, compared to Hawkmon's and Armadillomon's two Eggs.

Hint: Vikemon:
Fuse Shakkoumon with Zudomon.
Hint: WarGreymon:
Fuse Shakkoumon and WaruMonzaemon.

Hint: Wizardmon's wand spells:
Successfully complete the game, then go back to Sky City, where you fought Wizardmon. He will tell you he has a magic wand. Say the spell, and he will give you a Card.

Card Spell
ArialVeedramon A-VEEDRAMON
HereculesKabuterimon H-KABUTERMON
Metal Etemon MTLETEMON
Metal Garurumon MTLGARURUMON
Omnimon (fire type) OMNIMON-1
Omnimon (water type) OMNIMON-2
VenomMyotismon VENOMMYOTIS
Hint: Defeating "A" (Analogmon):
At one point in the game, you are going to have to fight a card duelist named "A", or in other cases, Analogmon. At the beginning of the battle, Analogmon will use some sort of special code and will send all your partner cards to the bottom of the deck. This is one of the toughest battlers in the entire game. In order to win, you have to follow the following strategy. At the start of the battle, Analogmon will send out Demidevimon. He will then use this "Download Digivolve" option card which will make him digivolve to Ultimate immediately. When he does this, he becomes Apokarimon, the strongest card ever, with an attack power of 990 and HP of nearly 3000. There is only one easy way to defeat him. Make sure you have Veemon with his Digi-egg of Courage ready. Note: To get Veemon at the beginning of the battle, purposely send all of your cards offline until you get all of your partner cards in your hand. Select Veemon and Armor-Digivolve to Flamedramon. When you have the choice of attack, select X, so you do a counter attack. When you counter Apokarimon's Circle attack, he receives a damage of 990. Keep repeating this technique to defeat his first Digimon. Note: He has only one Apokarimon. Apokarimon will always use the Circle attack until it is a successful attack.

Hint: Water special Digimon:
If you are specializing in Water special Digimon, and only collect cards of water, then use the following trick. When you fuse two Cards, it will always come out as a Water Type. To get a Water Type Card, you must fuse a Fire type and ? type.

Hint: Easy way to Digivolve into U (Ultimate and Mega):
You must have the Warp Digivolve Card, and have at Least 40 Digivolve Points. As a Rookie, you must have the same type Rookie as the U you are going to Digivolve into. After you have 40 DP, look at the Warp Digivolve card, and it will read "OK!". Use this, and if you have a U level on the board, you can warp Digivolve into U easily.

Hint: Ultimate win:
Defeat an Ultimate level Digimon with an Rookie level Digimon. Alternately, digivolve to Ultimate level and win a fight. Note: If you defeat an Ultimate level with an Rookie level, consider that Digimon good luck -- defeating a Ultimate level Digimon seems to make your Digimon stronger.
Hint: Partner win:
Win a battle with your Digimon partner.
Hint: Strongest card:
The strongest card is Omegamon. The back of Omegamon have two large cannon.
The strongest card is Apokarimon, with an attack power of 990 and HP of almost 3000.

Hint: Most powerful card:
The most powerful card is Level Mega.

Hint: 255 Agumon cards for fusion:
To unlock the never-ending Agumon cards that appear only in fusion, get 6 Flarizamon cards and 6 Darkizamon cards. After that, defeat Veemon in Flame City in the arena. Then, save your game. Next, go to the fusion shop. Check the Agumon. You should have 255 Agumon cards. Note: When this was done with Veemon as a partner.

Hint: Digi Egg of Courage:
Defeat Beginner City and move to Flame City. From there, defeat the Battle arena. Return to the Battle Cafe and talk to Davis. He will reward you with the Digi Egg Of courage and explain the art of Armor Digivolving.

Hint: Digi Egg of Miracles:
Get 300+ wins then go to Beginner City and defeat BlackWarGreymon. Then, talk to him then he will give you the Digi Egg of Miracles.
Hint: Special Fusion:
Special Fusion is just like DNA Digivolve. When you combine them, your Digimon will be shown in 3D.
WaruMonzaemon + Monzaemon = Puppetmon
Hereleskabuterimon + Megadramon = Grankuwagamon
Stingmon + Exveemon = Paildramon
Aquilamon + R. Gatomon = Sylpymon
WereGururmon + RealMetalGreymon = Omnimon II
MetalGururmon + WarGreymon = Omnimon I
Angemon + Ankylomon = Shakkoumon
Omnimon + Paildramon = Imperialdramon
MagnaAngemon + Angewoman = Magnadramon
MegaSeadramon + WaruSeadramon = MetalSeadramon
LadyDevimon + Myotismon = VenomMyotismon
Herculeskabuterimon + Brachiomon = Digitamamon
Paildramon + Silphymon or Silphymon + Shakkoumon = Infermon
Vademon + MarineAngemon = SuperStarmon Alternate opening sequence:
View the opening sequence twice to see Blackwargreymon instead of Wargreymon in the animation at the beginning of the game. Note: This does not unlock him during the game.

Hint: Airdramon:
Join the Gold Hawk Club and befriend one, then digivolve it. If it is too late and you joined another club, you will have to wait until you find the missing generator parts. Then, you can buy the Vaccine Gifts at the Device Dome.

Hint: Angemon:
Go to the SCSI domain when the Blood Knights attack Digital City. On the fifth floor there will be two Angemon. Give Angemon four Cell Phones. Defeat Angemon last and he is yours for the taking.

Hint: Baihumon:
Digivolve a Meteormon with 20+ DP.

Hint: Black WarGreymon:
Have the beginning four times to see a Black WarGreymon.

There cannot be any Digimon in your server. Get a Machine Dramon 57 DP. Get a WarGreymon 64 DP. These are the order on your Digiline. Get a MetalGarurumon 6 DP (and a Piximon for luck). DNA Digivolve the MetalGarurumon as the first with Machine Dramon as the second. WarGreymon should be in the first position. Level up both Digimon to EL 99. DNA Digivolve them together and you will get Black WarGreymon. Do not let it go over EL 46 or it will go back to a regular WarGreymon.
Hint: Darktyranamon:
Get Betamon and evolve it in level 11. It is easier if you start with Blacksword. Later, trade it for Myotismon at the Digimon Center.

Hint: Diaborimon:
Digivolve an Okuwamon with 20+ DP.

Hint: Frigimon:
Get a SnowAgumon and at level 11, digivolve it to get Frigimon.

Hint: Gigadramon:
When the Blood Knights attack the city you will see a lot of Champion level Digimon in the invaded domains. In some domains you will see some Numemon with Mushroomon and Devidramon in a group. Capture the Devidramon and raise it to EL 21 and it will digivolve to Gigadramon. Note: You may need to have some DP on Devidramon because it might stop growing.
Hint: Greymon:
Join the Gold Hawk Club and raise one or, if you did not join that club, wait until the Blood Knights invade the SCSI, Video, and Disk Domains and befriend one in the Video Domain.

Hint: Gryphomon:
When you get to the Bios Domain you will find Floramon after a couple of floors. Catch one and at EL 11 he will digivolve to Kiwimon. At EL 21 he will become Deramon, and Gryphomon at EL 31.You will need a couple DP to get him to Mega level. When you reach the Champion Stage. try DNA digivolving back to his rookie form.

Hint: Hercules-Kabutimon:
Capture a Tentomon and digivolve it to Kabuterimon (champion) at level 11, Mega-Kabutimon (ultimate) at level 21, and Hercules-Kabutimon (mega) at level 31.

Hint: Imperialdramon:
Get Vee-mon with 4DP and up. It will digivolve into Flamedramon (champion) at level 11, Raindramon (ultimate) at level 21, Imperialdramon (mega) at level 31.

Hint: Kimeramon:
The game's data is set up so that Kimeramon appears randomly in Tera Domain. With your first step on the 99th floor, there is a 1 in 666 chance of going into a battle with him. This is the only way to get him without using a GameShark code.

Hint: Leomon:
Get a Toyagumon, train it to level 11 and digivole it.

Hint: MagnaAngemon:
Wait until you can get him in a trade. Trade a Gururumon for MagnaAngemon and he is yours at last.

Hint: MegaDramon:
When the Blood Knights invade, you will start seeing a lot of champion Digimon. At the Digimon center, a MegaDramon will be available for trade. Note: This only works if you are part of the Black Sword Club. Buy four or five Skis and go to any of the invaded domains. After a couple of floors, you will see a Numemon. Give them four Skis and defeat the Numemon last. Then, trade it for the MegaDramon -- you just traded a champion for an ultimate.

Hint: MetalGarurumon:
Capture a Gabumon and train up to level 35 and evolve it into Metalgarurumon.

Hint: Metal Garurumon knowing Terra-Force (Wargreymon's move):
Get a Gabumon and digivolve it to Garurumon. Get an Augumon and digivolve it to a Greymon (at level 11). At level 21, digivolve Garurumon into WereGarurumon and Greymon into MetalGreymon. At level 31, digivolve WereGarurumon into MetalGarurumon and MetalGreymon into Wargreymon. Then DNA digivolve MetalGarurumon and Wargreymon into Meteormon (Note: Try not to have very much DP with them). Battle with Meteormon. Gain a level and Meteormon will learn WereGarurumon's move and MetalGreymon's moves. Get Meteormon to level 31 and digivolve him into MetalGarurumon. Battle with MetalGarurumon. Gain a level, and MetalGarurumon will learn its original moves and it will learn Terra-Force (Wargreymon's move). MetalGarurumon will be a lot more powerful than Wargreymon or MetalGarurumon the first time you got them. He will be more powerful than any other original mega that has not been DNA digivolved as a mega with another mega.

Hint: MetalGreymon:
When it seems that there are no more missions your leader will tell you to go to the Tamers' Club. Go there and you will automatically talk to a man. He will tell you about the BOIS Domain and will give you a Toy Plane. Go the domain and you will see him on the second floor. He will run away on purpose, but you can find him on the Boss level if you turn left instead of going right. Use the Toy Plane and battle him. Be careful, because most of your Digimon need to be champions to defeat him. He can take between 20 and 40 HP.

To get a good MetalGreymon, go to the Bug Domain.

If you missed the chance to catch MetalGrEymon early, you can get it later in the game by just having a Graymon with 3 DB and above. DNA digivolve with any Digimon that turns into Agumon. After DNA digivolving, it would turn into a MetalGraymon if the experience levels are El 18 and El 15 it will turn into MetalGraymon later.
Information in this section was contributed by Avinash Tiwary.

Hint: MetalTyrannomon:
Catch a Betamon and train it to El 11 and it will digivolve to DarkTyrannomon if it has 0, 1, or 2 DP. Raise it to EL 21 and it will digivolve to MetalTyrannomon, but make sure it has 6 or more DP or it will digivolve to ExTyrannomon. Note: MetalTyrannomon does not digivolve.

Hint: Ninjamon:
Train Patamon to level 11 and digivolve it.
Hint: Okuwamon:
Capture a Kunemon and raise it to EL 11. It will digivolve to Kuwagamon. Train it to EL 21 and it will digivolve to Okuwamon. Note: Okuwamon digivolves to GranKuwagamon with 0 to 19 DP, or you can digivolve it to Diaboromon with 20+ DP.

Hint: Omnimon:
Digivolve a MetalGreymon with 20+ DP to get Omnimon. Be careful, if you fuse it to a Greymon it will digivolve to a SkullGreymon and that will digivolve to a Machindramon (one of the Darkmasters).

Hint: Phantomon:
Catch a Tsukaimon; he is the blue Patamon. At EL 11 he will digivolve to Bakemon. At EL 21 Bakemon will digivolve to Phantomon. You might need a couple DP to get to the Ultimate Level -- once you get Bakemon you should try DNA digivolve back to his rookie form.

Hint: Phoenixmon:
Get a Vee-mon. Get it to level 11 and digivolve it to Veedramon. Then, digivolve it at level 21 to AeroVeedramon. At level 31, it digivloves to Phoenixmon (a mega). Make sure it does not have over 8DP. If it does, it will digivolve to Imperialdramon. Alternately, get a Biyomon. It will digivolve to Birdramon or Saberdramon. That will digivolve to Garudamon, which will digivolve to Phoenixmon.

Hint: Piedmon:
Catch a Tsukaimon. Note: He is the blue Patamon. At EL 11 he will digivolve to Bakemon and at EL 21 he will become Phantomon. Finally at EL 31 he digivolves to Piedmon.
ure it has 0-2 DP) and itwill digivolve to Ninjamon. Raise it to EL 21 and it will digivolve to Mamemon. Raise it to EL 31 and it will digivolve to PrinceMamemon.
Hint: Rosemon:
Capture a Palmon and digivolve it To togemon (champion) at level 11, Lilymon (ultimate) at level 21, and Rosemon (mega) at level 31.

Hint: Seraphimon:
Catch a ClearAgumon and raise to EL 11. It will digivolve to Piddomon (make sure it has 3 DP or more ). At EL 21 it will digivolve to MagnaAngemon and at EL 31 it will digivolve to Seraphimon.

Hint: Tortomon:
Catch Gomamon and digivolve it at level 11. It will evolve into Tortomon.

Hint: Tsukaimon:
Get a Gizamon and a Gazimon (if not black sword, use a lot of Toy Cars). Get them both to level 11, digivolve both of them, get two more levels (so they both get champ and rookie techniques), and then DNA digivolve them together (if you chose Blue Falcon you have to wait until you get to Device Dome). It is theflip side of Patamon -- it is blue instead of yellow and is a virus.

Hint: Vademon:
Digivolve MetalGreymon and Cherrymon to receive a Vademon. Vedamon is an Ultimate level Digimon that starts with the Alien Ray (20 MP) attack and GigaBlaster (18 MP) attack.

Hint: Veemon:
You can DNA digivolve a Greymon/MetalGreymon/Megadramon with Airdramon to get a Veemon.

DNA Digivolve a Veedramon and a Meagdramon to get a Veemon. Note: You can trade a Numemon for a Megadramon.

When you start a new game, join the Golden Hawks club, You will get an Agumon. Buy a couple Vaccine-type toys and catch a Biyomon. Biyomon can be found in the first couple domains. At EL 11 Agumon will digivolve to Greymon and Biyomon will digivolve to Airdramon. Then, train both to EL 13. After that DNA digivolve them and they will become a Veemon which can grow to EL 15.

Veemon can DNA digivolve as follows:

Veemon Veemon digivolves to
Airdramon + Greymon Veedramon (0-3 DP)
Veedramon + Dark Tyrannomon Flamedramon (4+ DP)
Devidramon + Birdramon
Devimon + Sabredramon
Cyclonemon + Airdramon
Cyclonemon + Flamedramon
Tuskmon + Birdramon
Darkrizamon + Airdramon
Veedramon + Greymon

Hint: Venom-Myotismon:
Get a Demidevimon. Get it to Icedevimon (a blue Devimon at level 11 with 0-3 DP) or Devimon (4 and more DP). Digivolve it to Myotismon at level 21. and finally Venom-Myotismon at level 31.

Hint: Wargreymon:
Get a Agumon in the Silver Cross Team and train up to level 31 to evolve it to Wargreymon. Note: Make sure you evolve it from Agumon to Greymon at level 11-13, then evolve Greymon to Metalgreymon at level 21-25. After you are at level 21-25, you can finally evolve it to Wargreymon.

After you get to the BIOS Domain, you will see MetalGreymon on the second floor, then again on the fifth floor. Give him the Toy Plane you received earlier and defeat him. He should join you. MetalGreymon is at EL 21 when you catch him. Train him to EL 31 and digivolve him to WarGreymon.

DNA Digivolve your Megadramon and Ikacumon, and get Agumon. He will only go up to EL 29 DNA Digivolve it with a Greymon to get another Agumon and it will go to EL. 32.

The two ways of creating Wargreymon is Agumon or Greymon. MetalGreymon 21+ DP, or it will not become Wargreymon. M-Tryanamon 0-19 DP (Master Tryanamon). They will both digivolve to WarGreymon.
Hint: Catch Birdramon, Ikkakumon and Garurumon easily:
This trick is easier if you joined the Blue Falcons and have unlocked the Device Dome. If you did those things, get a lot of level C toys for data type. Next go to Video Domain and go past a few floors. It also helps if you have the Mine Sweep item. You will see three yellow blocks in the shape of a trapezoid on your map (press Select to see the big map), except one of the edges are missing. Go to that floor and the missing edge will appear. Two Birdramon will be in the trapezoid, unable to move. Fire all your gifts at one of them until it has huge pink heart. Then, go over to the edge and battle. Whichever one you want to catch, faint them last.

Hint: Defeating Leomon:
Start by firing a cannon at him so he cannot counter. Next, have two Digimon attack T-Agomon and one attack X-Vemon. That should defeat T-Agomon and leave X-Vemon weak. Leomon will attack, but it is very weak compared to the counter. Shoot him again and unleash all your attacks on X-Vemon, in round two. Get hit by Leomon and start round three by attacking him with your hardest hitter. He should be defeated, leaving you with lots of HP.

Hint: Digivolving points:
DP stands for digivolving points. Every time you Dna Digivolve, that Digimon gets a point.

Hint: Trading:
At various points in the game you will be able to trade one Digimon for another. The digimon you receive is usually at a higher stage than the one you trade.
Trade To receive
ToyAgumon SnowAgumon
Crabmon Wizardmon
Numemon Megadramon
Garurumon MangaAngemon
Nise Drimogemon Metal Mamemon
Dark Tyrannomon Myotismon
Hint: DNA Digvolving:
2 Champions = Rookie
2 Ultimates = Champion
2 Megas = Ultimate
Champion + Ultimate = Rookie
Champion + Mega = Rookie
Ultmate + Mega = Champion

The DNA digivolved Digimon's form is always one below the lowest Digimon form in the pair of the two Digimon.

Hint: Digivolution points:
Digivolution Points determine what Digimon you will get when you digivolve in the future. The only way to get DP is through DP Up item or the old fashion DNA Digivolution. DNA Digivolving is better and makes your Digimon stronger.

Hint: Digivolving:
All Digimon digivolve at 11, 21, 31.

Hint: DNA Digivolving Formula:
There is a formula to figuring out the maximum level of your Digimon when you DNA Digivolve.
X = Larger level of two Digimon
Y = Lower level of two Digimon
Maximum level = X + Y/5

Hint: Calculating when Digimon stop growing:
Every Digimon stops growing. You have to DNA Digivolve to keep it growing. Use the following steps to find out when the Digimon stops growing after DNA Digivolving. Chose your first Digimon, then chose your second Digimon. Divide the second Digimon's level by 5. Then add it to the original of the second. You have to do this repeatedly. For example, Digimon 1 = 12el and Digimon 2 = 15 EL. 15 divided by 5 is 3. 3 plus 15 is 18. So, the newborn will stop growing at level 18. Additionally, the newborn will learn all the moves the parents had.
Hint: Stronger DNA Digivolved Digimon:
To get a Rookie that is stronger than its parents, make the strongest Digimon in a DNA Digivolve second. For example, with 1. IceDevimon (EL 13) and 2. DarkTyranamon (EL 15) would result in a newborn which will stop growing at EL 18.

Hint: EP, HP for the Digibeetle:
You will run out of EP for the Digibeetle if you step on traps (HP also) or go to dungeon that is very deep. Buy more EP refill and HP before proceeding. You can teleport out of the dungeon by going to the Digibeetle's stats by answering "Yes" in the stats down part. That can have you avoid paying 1000 bits (to repair if EP or HP run out).

Hint: Easy bits:
After you get Angamon, go to the Metatation Dome and talk to him for 2,000 bits. Complete about for to five more levels and talk to your team leader. He will give you 2,000 more bits. Note: This is after you get the titanium body for the Digibeetle.

Hint: Save bits:
Note: This trick only works if you have less than 1000 bits. If you are in a domain where you use your Digi-Beetle and you know you do not have enough EP to finish the level and you do not have any EP packs remaining, move and finish your EP. When you get back to the main gate Carol will say that you need a new auto-pilot, and it will cost 1000 bits. If you have less than 1000 bits she will say she will do it for free only this one time. However, you can actually do this trick any time you have less than 1000 bits.

Hint: Super items:
Successfully complete the game, save, and continue. When the game starts, talk to everyone five times. Some of them will give you items.

Hint: Toy Boat:
To get the Toy Boat, a Level B gift that works on all Digimon, become a Rank 3 Rookie. Leomon will give you a Toy Boat.

Hint: Finding Prof Piyotte after Bloodknights:
He is in the corner of the place in the Device Dome where you alter your Digibeetle.

Hint: Get the last Digimon in a battle:
Give a enemy Digimon a toy (make sure he has a huge pink heart when given). If you have slot free, you will get him after the battle.

Hint: Fighting multiple enemies:
Give enemy Digimon a toy as usual (make sure it is a huge pink heart). Defeat the Digimon you want last. If you defeat him first, you will not get him. You will only get the last Digimon you defeat, as long as you have free slots available.

Hint: Leveling up faster:
Do not run away from battles and you will earn experience points. Also, fight stronger Digimons for more experience points.
After you defeat Leomon in the first dungeon, you can return and fight a level 5 Gazimon and a level 5 Gizamon. After defeating these, you gain 39 experience points and 260 bits. Note: Only use this trick when you have at least one or two champion Digimon, as they are quite difficult to defeat.

Use the following trick to level up after one battle. Later in the game when you get two champion Digimon, catch a Rookie Digimon and put it in your party. Go to the Boot domain and fight the level 5 Gizamon and Gazimon. Your rookie Digimon should level up. When you check your rookie Digimon's status it should say 0 exp. to the next level. This will stop working when the exp. grows out, as in level 8, but the stronger the Digimon you fight, the longer you the longer your exp. stays at 0.

Hint: Easier battling with future Bosses and Coliseum battles:
DNA digivolve with many monsters to learn many moves. When they have a DP of 3 or more, you will have a smooth ride all the way to the Pro level. After that, you need to spend more time training because even if one of your Digimon have a DP of 5 and you have Digimon that were bred with the Ultimates you befriended/traded, you will have a rough time trying for the pro level. You have to win 4 tournaments for the pro level.

Hint: Have a champion that is stronger than an ordinary ultimate:
If you have an ultimate at level 21, DNA digivolve it with a champion. The new Digimon will be stronger than the ultimate when it gets to about level 15 and is a champion.

Hint: Easy ultimate level Digimon:
Use the following steps to get a easy ultimate Digimon. Play the game until champion Digimon levels 12 to 14 show up in the domains (after the Blood Knights invade). A good way to reach this point with ease is to get Digimon from the trading center. Get two good champion level Digimon. Raise them both until their levels are maxed (level 17 to 20). This should only take about half an hour if you do not run from fights. DNA Digivolve them and you should be able to have a max level in the 20s -- you should be able to Digivolve to an ultimate Digimon. If it does not work, then repeat the process with the same Digimon and another champion. Remember, the more you DNA Digivolve, the better your Digimon will get.

Hint: Buy all items to catch Digimon:
Once you get the generator parts in the first room in the dome, talk the man on the top right. He will sell all the items that you can buy when you join a club.

Hint: Bring back the dead:
Note: This trick will only work if you have a Digimon with an Interrupt. If you know your Digimon will faint in the next turn, pull off the Interrupt and hopefully your Digimon will faint. If it does and another opponent tries to attack, "Do you want to Interrupt" will appear. Answer "Yes" and the Digimon will attack the opponent. You cannot use the Digimon -- still the selection will skip over them in battle.
Cheat mode (Japanese version):
Start a new game and enter a name. After the FMV sequence ends, hold Triangle + Square + Circle. A menu should appear. Release the buttons and check your inventory to find all kinds of items. Feed your Digimon with something. If he shakes his head, quickly press Triangle + Square + Circle again. If he eats it, quickly press Triangle + Square + Circle again. Depending what was fed, he will turn into different kinds of monsters. If you are not satisfied with that monster, hold Triangle + Square + Circle immediately after the monster changes and feed him with something else. Release the buttons when you are satisfied with your monster. When you're satisfied with your monster, stop holding the three buttons.
Information in this section was contributed by Tang Yee Chien.

View your opponent's HP:
Simply press Select to view your opponent's HP and press Select again to make it disappear again.
Information in this section was contributed by Lee Eng Sing and Nicole Foo.

Hint: Medals:
The following is a list of all 15 medals you can get in Digimon World and how they are obtained:
Information in this section was contributed by PikachuAMD.
1. Grade Cup: Cup C, D, B, A, S - Win in all.
2. Version Cup: Win in all - VER 1, 2, 3, 4, 0.
3. Type Cup: Fire, Grapple, Thunder, Wind, Nature, Cool, Metallic, Filth - Win in all.
4. Special Cup: Dino, Wing, Animal, Human Cup - Win in all.
5. 100 Times Win: Championship 100 times.
6. Technique Master: Mastered 56 switch techniques.
7. Digimon Master: Raised all 61 Digimon.
8. Max Abilities: Maxed all of the Digimon's parameters.
9. Perfect Curling: Got a perfect score in curling.
10. 100 Fish: 100 fish caught.
11. Ending: Finished the game.
12. Town Flourishing: Jijimon said the town is flourishing (recruited all Digimon).
13. Card Complete: Collected all Digimon cards.
14. Bits Maxed: Collected 999,999 Bits.
15. 10 Years: Survived for 300 days.

Hint: Digimon origination:
The following is a list of Digimon and where they come from.
Information in this section was contributed by RYKYMA.
Egg: Rookies
Green egg: Gabumon or Agumon
Pink egg: Palmon or Betamon
Blue egg: Penguinmon or Elecmon
Orange egg: Patomon or Biyomon
Any egg: Kunemon
Rookies: Champions
Agumon: Greymon, Monochromon, Meramon, Birdramon, Centarumon, or Tyrannomon
Gabumon: Tyrannomon, Monochromon, Ogremon, Drimogemon, Centarumon, or Garurumon
Penguinmon: Mojyamon, Shellmon, Garurumon, Whamon, or Frigimon
Betamon: Whamon, Seadramon, Coelamon, or Shellmon
Patomon: Orgemon, Leomon, Angemon, Drimogemon, Tyrannomon, or Unimon
Elecmon: Leomon, Angemon, Bakemon, or Kokatorimon
Palmon: Whamon, Kuwagamon, Ninjamon, Coelamon, or Vegiemon
Biyomon: Airdramon, Kokatorimon, Birdramon, Unimon, or Kabuterimon
Kunemon: Bakemon, Kuwagamon, Vegiemon, Kabuterimon
All Rookies: Numemon, Sukamon, Devimon, or Nanimon
H: Kabuterimon, Giromon, SkullGreymon, MetalGreymon, Metal Mamemon, MegaSeadramon, Vademon, Etemon, Andromon, Megadramon, Phoenixmon, Piximon, Mamemon, Monzaemon, and Digitamon

Hint: Faster training:
Wait approximately ten seconds from when your Digimon begins to train, then press Circle. If done correctly, training will end, but your Digimon will still gain the normal amount of experience.

Press Triangle when you begin the training. You will get the same amount of training -- it will just seem faster. Note: If you are training your Digimon's defense at the Green Gym, you must wait for the boxing glove to get back in position.
Information in this section was contributed by NgyNgoc.

Hint: Quick Digivolve:
Train your Digimon in HP but do not continue it. Do this as many times as you can. Note: This can only be done on a fresh, in-training, and rookie Digimon.
Information in this section was contributed by Clem Bacani.

Hint: Increase Digimon's happiness and discipline simultaneously:
Use the following steps to increase your Digimon's happiness and discipline at the same time. When you try to give your Digimon an item and it rejects it, use the Scowl command. It will not scowl back -- it will accept the scowl and both its happiness and discipline will increase. If one of the gauges are full, the other will receive double the amount of happiness or discipline it normally receives.
Information in this section was contributed by danlm.

Hint: Enter mansion in jungle cemetery:
Your Digimon partner must be one of the following types to enter: Betamon, Devimon, Numemon, MetalGreymon, Kabuterimon, Vegiemon, SkullGreymon, Vademon, Kunemon, Ogremon, Bakemon, Sukamon, Etemon, Kuwagamon, Nanimon, or MegaDramon. Any other Digimon will not be allowed to enter.
Information in this section was contributed by al t.

Hint: Enter the Ice Sanctuary in Freezland:
To enter the Ice Sanctuary, you must have a Vaccine-type Digimon. Only the following Digimon can enter the Ice Sanctuary: Agumon, Greymon, Airdramon, Monzaemon, Kabuterimon, Garurumon, Angemon, Frigimon, Birdramon, Whamon,Unimon, Andromon, Giromon, Biyomon, Palmon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, Mojymon, and Phoenixmon. Any Digimon other than listed here are either Data or Virus-type Digimon, and cannot enter the Ice Sanctuary.
Information in this section was contributed by PikachuAMD.

Hint: Enter Factorial Town:
After you recruit Whamon, you can travel to the dock side of Factorial Town. There you will find an Andromon in the Computer Room. You must Recruit both Giromon (you will find him wrecking a bad computer) and Andromon to open the main doors to Factorial Town. The doors are at Gear Savanna.
Information in this section was contributed by CoolWorld2.

Hint: Enter Coral Canyon:
At the right side of the Coral Canyon Entrance is a square object on the edge. Go in front and press X. Your character will talk, then you can walk on it to get to Coral Canyon.
Information in this section was contributed by GotenSSJ.

Hint: Infinity Mountain:
Recruit 50 Digimons to File City to unlock Infinity Mountian.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho Murooka and Sho.

Hint: Ogremon's Fortress:
After completing the game, go to Ogremon's Fortress. You will not enter it, but will enter a backdoor to Infinity Mountain and its two floors. Once you get out of it, you will enter Ogremon's Fortress. Analogman and Machindramon are there. Analogman disappears, and you have to fight Machindramon. He has the exact same stats and attacks as when you first completed the game.
Information in this section was contributed by Hays Elijah.

Hint: Finding the Digi-card shop:
The Digi-card shop is in Gear Savanna. When you first get to Gear Savanna, go up and you will find a left turn. Follow the left turn, go up, and you will see the Digi-card shop and a Recycled item shop.
Information in this section was contributed by Cameron Latham.

Hint: Fixed Digimon bridge:
Start a new game. When the yellow dot is on the red part (4:00 to 8:00 p.m.) on the clock at the upper left side of the screen, go to Coela Point. You should still be on your first day in the Digiworld. Meet Coelamon and go across the river. On the next screen are three ways to go. Go left. On the next screen, there should be two Patamons (blue). Go across the bridge. When you cross the bridge you should be right next to Kunemon's bed. The bridge is now fixed on the first day.
Information in this section was contributed by djeg.

Hint: Get the fishing rod:
When you are done with the Tunnel quest, the mountain will be open. Go there and keep going up to reach a large plain. Do not go there. Instead, go to the east, then go down. Keep going and another view of the plain will appear. Go in there, then go up, Once you are at the end, go to the right until you get to the end to reach trash mountain. Go in it and you will encounter two Digimon. Then, go up and you will find the fishing rod.
Information in this section was contributed by DwNaZnBoI281.

Hint: Get an amazing rod:
Meet ShogunGekomon and give him some cards, except the card of yourself. The more precious card you give him, the more points you get. If you collect 300 points, pay him 300 points and you can get an amazing rod.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho.

Hint: Fishing skills:
When you fish, make sure you pull the line when the fish is not moving at all. Pulling the line when the fish resists increases the danger of a line break.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho.

Hint: Get the lake keeper flute:
From File City, go to the Native Forest. Look around until you get to Dragon Eye Lake. There should be a vending machine at that location. Fish there with the Amazing Rod. Use meat and look in back to see a shadow that resembles a small whale. After that, go to the other lake and use the flute. Seadramon will appear from the lake will take you to the Beetle Land. You can get Kabuterimon and someone else there. They also have a Training Center.
Information in this section was contributed by GunDaMWing562.

Hint: Mysty egg:
After you defeat Ogremon at Drill Tunnel, go back to the Secret Cave. Go to the back of the cave. There is a PC at that location, with the Mysty egg inside.
Information in this section was contributed by EppersonMeteke.

Hint: Get the Coral Charm (Megaseadramon):
Get the amazing rod, then fish in off shore at Dragon Eye Lake.
Information in this section was contributed by GunDaMWing562.

Hint: Get a Digivice:
Say "Yes" when Jijimon asks you if you have one at the start of the game.
Information in this section was contributed by jomoe.

Hint: Win the Filth Cup:
Simply get Etemon to win the cup.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho.

Hint: Xenotype World Keychain:
Go to Sewers in Factorialtown after defeating Numemon. Check it thoroughly and you will see Nanimon. Talk to him and he will drop a keychain. This allows you to carry twenty items at once. Note: Nanimon also appears at the Cave of Ancient Leomon.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho Murooka.

Hint: Multiple keys in Digimon shop:
If you go to the Digimon shop in Gear Sevanna after you lost the mansion key, buy it. Then, buy it again at the same spot. Even though the spot is empty a chart, a buy screen will appear. After the second purchase you should see the key, and instead of nothing or 1, a triangle 9. Now you can buy it as many times as needed.
Information in this section was contributed by jomoe.

Hint: Discount on items at Item shop:
When you have a baby or in-training type Digimon, go to the item shop and buy anything. You should get a discount.

Hint: More Digimushrooms:
Go to Kunemon's Bed. Go slightly above the tree where Kunemon was sleeping. You will find a Digimushroom. Leave Kunemon's bed. Return and go to the place where you found the first Digimushroom. Another Digimushroom will be there. Repeat this as many times as needed if you need food.
Information in this section was contributed by Will89&Matt89.

Hint: Easy bits:
Go to Factorial Town at Midnight and defeat Platinum-Sukamon. He will drop 3000 bits per battle. Note: He will not show up in the daytime.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho.

To get maximum bits (198,000), have 49,500 bits in your file. You may also need an Auto Pilot. Go to the Item Shop (better if you go with in-training or baby Digimon) and buy 99 Medium Recoveries. This will waste all your money for now, but you will get four times more later. You will get a discount if you have a baby or in-training Digimon of any kind. Go to Freezeland and talk the Mojyamon that trades Medium Recovery for a Super Defense Disk. Trade all your Medium Recoveries for Super Defense Disks. A glitch might take place when you finish trading all of it. The Mojyamon could trap you and you cannot move -- use the Auto Pilot to go back to the city. You should have 99 Super Defense Disks and no Medium Recoveries by the end. Go to the item shop and sell all your Super Defense Disks for 2000 bits each. You will end up with 198,00 bits.

Get about 18 Medium Recovers and a few Digimushrooms. Go to Freezeland and talk to the third Mojyamamon. Trade your Digimushrooms for Medium Recovers. Then go to the first Mojyamamon and trade your Medium Recovers for Sup. Defense Disk. Go back to file city (Auto Pilot recommended) and return to the item shop. Sell the Sup. Defense disk to get 2000 bits for each disk. Repeat this process as needed.
Information in this section was contributed by Strider.

Hint: Andromon:
When you defeat Giromon, go back to Andromon and he will disable the gas. Go to the Sewers so you could fight and get Numemon. After talk to Andromon again, and he will shut down the company and open the Iron Doors at Gear Savanna. Come back after one day then talk to him and he will join you.
Information in this section was contributed by Dat Chau.

To raise an Andromon, get Centarumon and get the following: HP: 2000, MP: 4000, Offense:200, Defense:400, Sp: 200, Br:400.
Information in this section was contributed by JUTTA107.

To get Andromon in your city, defeat Giromon and talk to Andromon. He will tell you to return later in days. Talk to him and he reads the data. Talk to him again, and Andromon will join the city.
Information in this section was contributed by JUTTA107.

Hint: Bakemon:
Bakemon's function is to patrol your city.
Information in this section was contributed by jomoe.

Hint: Betamon:
Use the following steps to get Betamon back to your city. Go to the Tropical Jungle and go straight over until you find a bridge. Then, go up to reach the Mangrove Region. You should see a Modtkibetamon. Talk to him and he will go back to the city and help Coalmon.
Information in this section was contributed by phillips1.

Hint: Birdramon:
Go to the Great Canyon, get on the elevator, go up, then walk to the left. Walk around and you will soon find Birdramon. Defeat her and return to the city. Birdramon will open a warp shop. Note: Train very hard, because it has 3756 HP and an attack that does 1011 damage. On your way you will see some Garurumon -- they do not go to the city.
Information in this section was contributed by Dougy.

Hint: Centramon:
Go to the jungle (to the right of File City). When you get off the bridge, go down to the next screen and there will be two ways to go. Keep going to the right to find a small wooded bridge. Cross and you will find two ways to go again. Keep going to the right to the next screen. Next, go up (be careful, as there are a lot of bad Digimon ) to reach a big locatoin. If you go up, you will get shot by a sniper. To avoid it use a bush or plant to block the shot. Keep going up until you reach the "O". If you touch "X" you get hit. Note: Get a lot of Recovery. When you reach 0, Centramon will appear. Now go back and he will open a clinic.
Information in this section was contributed by DwNaZnBoI281.

Hint: Digiseabass:
Attract a Digiseabass near to the shore with a catfish. When it bites it, you can catch him easier.
Information in this section was contributed by alvin fonseca.

Hint: Digitamamon:
To get Digitamamon you need to open Mt. Infinity and defeat the first Machinedramon. After defeating him, go back to Mt. Infinity where you fought him to find Digitamamon. Defeat him and he will go to the City. To be a Digitamamon, you must recruit Whamon first when he opens his shop pick the route Secret Beach Cave. When you get there, try to find a computer-like object. In that, you will find a Misty Egg. Feed it to your Nanimon or any Champion Digimon and it will turn into a Digitamamon. Note: It is better to feed it to a Nanimon because it will get stronger parameters.
Information in this section was contributed by Clem Bacani.

Hint: Drimogemon:
Get a Gabumon or a Betamon and get its offense up to 100. Your Digimon needs to be very happy to get Drimogemon. Your Digimon also needs to weigh somewhere around 40.

Hint: Etemon:
When you have recruited more than 40 Digimon, go to the unknown door in the forest. Be careful because Etemon performs a "Drop-Knee-Kick" that results in a lot of damage. When you defeat him, go to the Digibridge and Etemon will be there. He is there because he was kicked out of the town, while trying to set up his harem.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho.

Hint: Frigimon:
Go with a Fire Digimon to Freeze Land to a place where there is an iceberg. Wait until your Digimon gets cold and faints. Frigimon will save him. Note: You need to have Shellmon in the city.
Information in this section was contributed by iannic.

Hint: Gabumon:
You can get Gabumon as a starting Digimon instead of Augumon. When Jijimon asks you the beginning questions, tell him you do not have a Digivice and also that you do not have any friends.
Information in this section was contributed by ThEeXpLoDeR2K1.

Randomly try different games and eventually you will end up with Gabumon instead of Augumon at the start of the game.
Information in this section was contributed by AlienTank2K1.

Hint: Garurumon:
Get either a Gabumon or a Penguinmon and train him in: MP 1000+, Speed 100+, and make him 30+ lbs. After a while it should digivolve into Garurumon.
Information in this section was contributed by Sephiroth597.

Hint: Giga Dramon:
Use the digivolving item Giga Hand on any Digimon that can digivlove to Mega Dramon. One of them is Tyrannomon.
Information in this section was contributed by Anderson.

Hint: Giromon:
After recovering data from Andromon, go back where you defeated Giromon and talk to him. He will join the city and open up a jukebox in the restaurant.
Information in this section was contributed by Dat Chau.

Hint: Greymon:
To get Greymon you have to get all stats to 130, offense to 200, HP to 1500, learn Magma Bombs, and make two or three care mistakes. This will transform Agumon into Greymon.
Information in this section was contributed by GunDaMWing562.

Greymon can also be obtained with 100 all stats, 1000 HP and MP, and 90%+ discipline.
Information in this section was contributed by jomoe.

Greymon will come and challenge you when your prosperity rate is at 15 or higher.
Information in this section was contributed by Hlatt7.

Hint: Kabuterimon:
Get 1500 HP, 1000 MP, stats 200, brain100, one mistake to digieolvoe Kunemon. To get him, make him sleep at the Kunemon bed.
Information in this section was contributed by GunDaMWing562.

Hint: HK-Kabuterimon:
Get a Shellmon, Kuwagamon, or Kabuterimon. Get 4000 HP, 3000 MP, 250 offense, 300 defense, 250 speed brains 200, 90 percent happiness, and 15+ battles.
Information in this section was contributed by MARDOQUEO.

Hint: Kokatorimon:
To recruit Kokatorimon to the City you need a Digimon that wakes up very early in the morning. Then, go to "Misty Trees" and try to find him there. He is near the stone statues. When you find him, he will battle you. Be sure you train very hard on Defense because he has the Megalo Spark attack. It is safer to be an Ultimate Digimon with strong attacks and parameters.
Information in this section was contributed by Clem Bacani.

Hint: Leomon:
Go to Gear Savanna and meet Leomon. He will not join the town by that time. Recruit 45 Digimon, including Birdramon, and go to Drill Tunnel Basement 3rd level. Go even deeper than that and you will find the Board of Ancient Leomon. You can find Nanimon next to it. Show him the board and will join the town.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho.

Get Elecmon. When you get him, your Def, Off, Speed, and Brains must all be at 100; your MP must be at 1000, HP must be at 2500, and there can be no care mistakes.
Information in this section was contributed by Chuck Bullock.

Hint: Machinedramon:
Save the game when prompted after defeating Analog Man's Machinedramon. This should be either after or before you say good-bye to everyone in the Digiworld. Load the data in the "Battle Mode" (two player mode). When cycling through your possible Digimon to duel with a friend, Machinedramon will be unlocked. Note: He will not show up in the game when saving a Digimon at Jijimon's house. He will have the same three moves present as when you fought him. His stats will be identical to your Digimon's stats when you defeated him.
Information in this section was contributed by Omegacron.

After defeating Machinedramon at Mt. Infinity, go to the Ice Castle. You will find that any type of Digimon can enter and the entire place is transformed into a grid like Mt. Infinity. Machinedramon will be there with a new move that increases his own strength up to 9999 for every thing. So in order to defeat him again, have your offense to 999 or you will only do 1 HP of damage.
Information in this section was contributed by Bosco Chau.

Hint: Mamemon:
You must have a Leomon, Ninjamon, Frigimon, or Whamon to get Mamemon. Get your Digimon's offense up to 400, defense up to 300, speed up to 300, and brains up to 400. It is also possible that your Digimon's happiness must be at the maximum.

Go to Mt. Panorama to where there are three Mudfrigimon. Enter and try to find Mamemon there. When you find mamemon there are no more Mudfrigimon.
Information in this section was contributed by iannic.

Hint: Maramon:
You have to get HP to 2000, MP to 1500, OFF to 245, DEF to 220, SPEED to 220, BRN to 230. Agumon also has to be well disciplined and super happy.
Information in this section was contributed by bvak.

Hint: Megadramon:
You must have a Tyrannomon, Devimon, Airdramon, or Seadramon to get Megadramon. Get your Digimon's HP up to 3000, MP up to 5000, offense up to 500, defense up to 300, speed up to 400, and brains up to 400. Your Digimon needs to weigh close to 50. Your Digimon must also fight 30 or more battles. Your Digimon can digivolve to Megadramon after it is 11 and a half years old.

Get a digivice, HP and MP above 3000, fight many Digimon, have stats (brain, offensive...) above 250, care mistakes below 10, above 50 pounds, all in 16 days.
Information in this section was contributed by jomoe.

Hint: MegaSeadramon:
Get a Coelamon and turn it into a Sukamon. Go to Trash Mountain and talk to King Sukamon. Ask him to turn you back to your regular form. When he does, it should digivolve to Megaseadramon.
Information in this section was contributed by steven stewart.

Get the Pink Egg, then get the in-training form to evolve to Betamon. Once you have Betamon, get Whamon. Get the Whamon's stats up to offense 400, defense 300, speed 200, brains 400, Then, get MP to around 4000 and HP around 5000.
Information in this section was contributed by Elmer Tackett.

Hint: Meramon:
Leave an Augomon near a toilet in File City and it will digivolve to Meramon.
Information in this section was contributed by Darwin007.

Hint: MetalEtemon:
When you have Etemon, fight at least 25 champion Digimon a day with HP and MP over 5000, and others over 550. You must do this for three days. He is another secret Mega Digimon and will not appear on your Digivolution chart.
Information in this section was contributed by Dat Chau.

To get MetalEtemon, use the digivolving item Metal Banana on a Sukamon.
Information in this section was contributed by Anderson.

Hint: MetalGreymon:
Get a Drimojymon and raise its offense to over 450, defense over 200, Speed over 200, and brains over 200. It needs to be very happy and well disciplined. Fight five to fifteen battles in Greymon's gym. When he is 10, he should digivolve.
Information in this section was contributed by Patrick.

Hint: MetalMamemon:
You must have a Monochromon, Ninjamon, Kabuterimon, or Frigimon. Get your Digimon's offense up to 500, defense up to 400, speed up to 400, and brains up to 400. Your Digimon must also have maximum happiness.

When you have Frigimon, max all the stats to get a medal for maxing Digimon parameters. Then, make no care mistakes and learn some attacks. Note: Do most of the attacks at the rookie stage. Also, win over 10 battles. After 6 days or more you have Frigimon, he will digivolve to MetalMamemon.
Information in this section was contributed by bahornic.

Hint: Monochromon:
In order to recruit Monochromon you must work on his shop in the "Great Canyon Top" area. You must get the money up to 3,000 bits after you work on his shop. He will pay you 2,000 bits and go to the City.
Information in this section was contributed by Clem Bacani.

Hint: Monzaemon:
When Numamon, go to Toy Land. Enter the big Digimon house to your left. To your right is Acostom of Monzaemon. Put it on and you will digivolve into Monzaemon. Also try this with a different Digimon.
Information in this section was contributed by Cblevins5.

When you talk to Shogungekomon he will tell you about a costume of Monzaemonin Toy Town. Go to Cherrymon next. Defeat him and he will also tell you about Monzemon. Go to Toy Town and go to the head of Tyranomon. Enter his mouth. It will say "Costume House". Have a Numemon and check out the costume in the chair. Your Digimon will digivolve into Monzaemon. You can do this whenever you are Numemon.
Information in this section was contributed by eppervesce.

To get him, your partner needs to be a Monzaemon. Go right of Toy Town and you will see the robot house. Talk to one of the Tinmon and he will open the Toy Mansion. Go in the mansion and there you will see Digimons. Get through them and at the end you will see a Waru Monzaemon -- pick the small box and you will find him. He will fight you. When you defeat him, he will give you a gear. Take it to the Tinmon and the town will turn to normal. The Monzaemon doll will go to the City.
Information in this section was contributed by Clem Bacani.

If you have trouble getting strong Digimon, do not save the Gear-Mon (Tinmons' friend). When you save it, Tinmon will give you the bear costume for the city, but you cannot use it to evolve.
Information in this section was contributed by Pixie Kong Fancy77.

Hint: Nanimon:
To make Nanimon join the city, go to the Speedy Region where you fought Metiormon and Nanimon will be there. Talk to him, and he will run away, dropping a key chain. Chase him. He is now at Ogremon's Fortress, where you fought Ogremon. Talk to Nanimon, and he will leave. Go to Leomon's cave. He will be where you found the tablet. He will leave again. Go to Toy Mansion, where you fought WaruMonzeamon. Nanimon is there. Talk to him again. He will leave to go to his final hiding area, the sewer. Go a slightly north from Numemon's screen, and Nanimon will be there. He will run away again, dropping another key chain. Go to Jijimon, and he will say: "Nanimon came, then left. I wonder where he is?" Nanimon joined the city. To raise a Nanimon, scold an Agumon when both his Happiness and Discipline are empty.
Information in this section was contributed by FIVERW.

Hint: Ninjamon:
Train a Palmon and get his offense and speed at 100, MP 1000, weight to 10, and make 1 or less care mistakes.
Information in this section was contributed by Andrew Lim.

Hint: Ogremon:
Go to Great Canyon. Go to the junction which forks to east and west. Walk to the east, and Ogremon and two Agumon wo;; appear. Note: This only happens when you ask for information from Uramon. Defeat them, then go back to the town. Talk to Uramon and he will tell you that Ogremon has a hideout. To go to the hideout, return to the junction and walk to westward twice. You and your partner can fall to the bottom of the valley (check the elevator and it starts to work). Find the Ogre Fort and enter to encounter several monsters. When you enter the room before the headquarters, you must fight with three Agumon. After that, go to the headquarters and defeat Ogremon again. He will escape through the secret elevator -- chase him. When you are on the path, Shellmon talks to you and says that he is trapped because the elevator rose. Go back into the Ogre Fort and pass through Freezeland. (You can check the OgreFort and find the secret room is unlocked. Inside is a Treasure Computer.) Talk to Shellmon and he will come to the town. Enter Freezeland, then walk in the following directions: north, north, northeast, east, southeast, and southwest. You should have encountered Whamon. Talk to Whamon and go to the secret cave. Then Ogremon will be there again with Waru-Seadramon. Train well, because Waru-Seadramon is strong. After you defeat him, he runs away again. By this time Whamon will take you back to the town, and joins the town. Go to the Drill Tunnel and you will find that it is overrun by Ogremon. Note: This happens when you finish the Drill Tunnel Quest. Defeat him again. Ogremon will give up and joins the city. He will rebuild Jijimon's house after recruiting 50 Digimon and patrol the town just like Bakemon.
Information in this section was contributed by Sho.

Hint: Phoenixmon:
Get Airdramon, Birdramon, Kokatoriomon, Angemon, or Unimon. Get its HP to 2000, MP to 4000, offense to 450, defense to 100, speed to 100, and brains to 100. Get the weight to 20 lbs., one or less care mistakes, and no battles.
Information in this section was contributed by JM Rules.

Raise an Angemon very well and it will become Phoenixmon.
Information in this section was contributed by JUTTA107.

Hint: Piximon:
When your city points are at 36, go to the tropical jungle at night. When you pass the Digimon Bridge, go down. Piximon is under the tree with the bananas. Note: If you defeat her, she is only going to sell you a Training Book for 50,000 bits.
Information in this section was contributed by Guillermo Camblor.

When your city points are at 41, you can fight Piximon at noon.
Information in this section was contributed by maxhays.

Hint: Seadramon:
Get a Betamon and get its HP and MP up to 1000. It also should weigh close to 30.

Go to Dragon Eye Lake and use an Amazing Rod and any fish. Get the rod very far and try all directions. If you see a very big fish shadow, try to get it. It will swim in a "S" path and get a bait in the path's way.

Hint: Seadramon and Blue Flute:
To get Seadramon you must have the Amazing Rod that you get from ShogunGekomon. Go to the southern area of Dragon Eye Lake (close view) and fish between the tall pole in the back and the bucket. Seadramon swims in a S-like pattern. Put any bait directly in his path and catch him like a regular fish. When caught, he will ask you what you want. You can ask for an item, to learn a new water/ice technique, or to be friends. If you ask for an item he will give you his Digivolution item, the water bottle. If you ask to learn a new water/ice technique, he will give you one you do not know. Note: He may only do this once. If you ask to be friends, he will give you the Blue Flute. You can do this as many times as needed. When you are done, he will leave and all the fish will be gone. To get them and Seadramon back, leave the screen and return. Everything will be there again. You can also catch Seadramon again. Once you get the Blue Flute you can go to Beetle Land with Seadramon's help or you can go see Birdramon and he will take you. You do not need to carry the Blue Flute with you. To call Seadramon, go to the edge of the lake where you talked to him and press A. It will ask you if you want to play the Lake Keeper's Flute. Answer "Yes" and Seadramon will appear to take you to Beetle Land. You can do the same thing there to get back, or use an Auto Pilot.
Information in this section was contributed by PikachuAMD.

Hint: SkullGreymon:
You must have a Greymon, Devimon, Mojamon, Bakemon, or Garurumon. Get 4,000 HP, 6,000 MP, 400 Off., 400 Def., 200 Sp., 500 Brains, Get the weight to 30 g., and 10 or less care mistakes.
Information in this section was contributed by Randy F.

To have SkullGreymon join the Arena, first get Shellmon Greymon in the city and meet Myotismon. Read Shellmon's board and to learn a rumor that Myotismon retired. Go to Grey Lord's Mansion and check the dining room. Myotismon will not be there. Check where you first met him and he also will not be at that location. Try to exit the mansion and Devimon will stop you. (Note: A glitch sometimes happens when Devimon says "Say hi to Myotismon for me.") Once Devimon leaves, the force from the door will be lifted. Go in the door and go on the elevator. Find Tekkamon (the Giromon without horns that has a sword) and fight him. When Tekkamon disappears, go into the area he blocked. Move right and you will find Myotismon in a caged area. On the next screen, you will find SkullGreymon; Myotismon's project. He will ask you if you are (player's name) and (digimon partner's nickname), but you are not listening -- you are thinking about Myotismon. SkullGreymon will get mad and fight you. He has 4200 in HP, so be careful. Defeat him and he will get into a ball, say "I'll attack you!", and vanish. Go to Myotismon, and he will thank you. He will now tell you how to get Skullgreymon, and that he is at the Arena even though the message did not appear.
Information in this section was contributed by FIVERW.

Hint: Teddymon:
Get past Cherrymon, go up and you will reach Toy Town. You will see Teddymon there, but it is not alive. You will also see a zipper in the back of the teddy. You will need something to go with the costume, like a Numemon. Go in the costume and you will turn into Teddymon.
Information in this section was contributed by GunDaMWing562.

Hint: Vegiemon:
Get your town level up to 10. On the 15th day of the month get the rain plant that grows next to the sprout in the meat garden. Take this plant to the jungle and search around for a small sprout. Then, use the plant on it.
Information in this section was contributed by CoolWorld2.

After you have done the drill tunnel, at the 15th of the month go to Tanemon. There is a strange looking plant there. Get it and then talk to Tanemon . He will say there a strange plant in the jungle. Go across the bridge and go down. Go up when the path splits. You will see three bee and some flying creature. Go to the right and then in the next screen go up and to find a plant it looks like two small leaves. Go to it and press X. Choose rain plant from your items.
Information in this section was contributed by DwNaZnBoI281.

Hint: Transform back from a Sukamon:
When your Digimon turns into a Sukamon go to Trash Mountain. Talk to the Sukamonking and choose the second one and he will turn your Digimon back to himself.
Information in this section was contributed by Y2JaSoN2o01.

Hint: Recruit the ghost Digimon to your city:
In order to get the ghost outside Graylord's Mansion to join your city, first talk to him. He will talk in a different language, but if you answer "Yes", "Yes", and "No", he will agree to your offer.
Information in this section was contributed by skilie50.

Hint: Life Expansion:
When you have a Digicatfish or a Black Bass, go fishing at the first Dragon Eye Lake with the Vending Machine. Throw the bait at the very bottom left and catch the Digiseabass. Feed it to your Digimon for a longer life experience. Note: This only works with a Ultimate and Amazing Rod.
Information in this section was contributed by Dat Chau.

Hint: Shorter days:
Rest a lot to pass time quicker. Each time you rest results in an hour passing.
Information in this section was contributed by mweiss.

Hint: Switch techs:
If you want to learn new techset moves, the easy way is to train some on your Digimon's offense, defense, speed, HP, MP, and brain.
Information in this section was contributed by Clem Bacani.

Hint: Technique set:
When you use techniques in battle, make sure you have a attack that causes a lot of damage, a technique that hits every opponent (if you are fighting against two or three Digimon), and an attack that will cause a little damage (if your opponent has little HP left, you do not have to waste your attack that causes more damage).
Information in this section was contributed by Bernardo Florido.

Glitch: Giromon juke-box:
After you recruit Giromon, he will open a juke-box in the restaurant. If you play the juke-box or talk to Giromon, the game may freeze. When the screen with the songs appear, the game will freeze if you scroll up or down. To avoid this, do not scroll up or down. There still is a small chance that the game will freeze. However, if you do not scroll up or down, you will still get to play a few songs such as File City Theme, Mt. Panorama Theme, Last Room Theme, File City Night Theme, etc.
Information in this section was contributed by Hlatt7.

Glitch: See all Digimon on chart:
Note: Save your game before attempting this glitch. Make sure you have some cards. Select a card normally, and it will appear. Press X + Triangle and the card will flash. Try to exit the card, and you will not be able to. Go to the chart and select a Digimon you can see. Try to exit it, and it remains. Move around the chart and Digimon will be revealed. Note: Reset after this or the game will freeze when you see a Digimon's status.
Information in this section was contributed by JUTTA107.
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